Local Shipping R 99

Shipping and Processing

Once you placed your order on our site (Thank you) the following will happen:

Your order is put together, checked and then packaged. This can take 2 – 3 days depending on how busy we are.

Next we will book the courier choosing the best option according to your delivery address.

Major Cities and Towns can expect delivery times from 1 – 3 days and outer laying areas can be as long as 7 days. These times are just estimates based on our experience and can be shorter or longer but usually not by much. Also please be aware that the Lock-down situation can interfere with the above mentioned times…please be patient.  

Should you wish to have your order delivered Overnight we will have to get a quote from the Courier Company. Should you choose this option we will complete the order manually (meaning not through the site). All our standard T&C’s will still apply.  

You can get in touch with us HERE